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privacy policy

Data protection is of utmost importance for us. Our processed personal data, which includes the name, email I\'d, postal address and phone number thus always stay in line with GDPR I.e. General Data Protection Regulation and other related rules or regulations under data protection.

General Information

Our statement related to data protection informs people of theme scope, nature and purpose of your personal data we use, collect and process. In addition, the declaration on data protection has information on the rights of our website users.

Types of Information We Collect

We collect specific information about our website users and visitors both.

Information We Collect from Buyers

We collect username, buyer name, email address, contact details and physical locations. We may even store, collect and use the device related details of our buyers to visit as well as interact with our official website.

These include the information on web browser, IP address and referring source of our buyer. We also collect survey related responses generated to conduct research works, transaction details and payment details, such as billing and credit card details. Besides, we collect web analytics data, support queries and other related buyers data whenever they fill online forms available on our website.

We use the information for responding the requests and correspondence of our buyers, to deliver customer services, for administering the website, improve various products and services, sharing of technical updates or notices, relevant changes in policy related notifications, security alerts and administrative messages. We even use your data for analytical, statistical and management objectives and for the prevention of fraud, breaching of terms or policies along with harm and threats.

Information We Collect from Website Visitors

We collect the information about the type of device used by visitors, web browser, IP address, network connection, cookies and other data on web analytics. We also collect personal details shared by visitors via different forms present on our website. These include ticket system, chat, contact forms and subscription.

Information We Obtain from Other Mediums

We accumulate names, device and browser related information, email addresses, chat transcription and other personal details shared by you at the time of call or chat. Moreover, according to our usage relates terms or Support Policy, we request you to provide details from you at the time of conversation to confirm your identity and to provide you the necessary technical support.

Various Ways to Collect Personal Data

We collect personal details whenever the visitors perform any activity on our website. These are placing order or purchasing any item, availing our services, completing registration, subscription to the newsletter, submission of feedback, entering any contest, filing survey details or sending communication request via relevant mediums.

Disclosure of Personal Information

The following individuals and parties will use the personal information shared by our website users.

Company employees willing to complete their regular duties and tasks Third parties with legitimate purpose to access the information

We will share personal information of our users with third parties in the mentioned conditions-

  • Disclosure of various customer consents
  • Disclose of partial data to give support and to activate or validate third-party software
  • If any of our customer places order for any type of third party service from our website and service providers or contractors require the respective information to work on the offer. Service providers or subcontractors may access the personal information of our customers from the country, in which they operate.
  • When we have to protect the rights of our users or comply with various judicial proceedings, order from the court or any other legal procedures.

Our Security Measures

We apply certain techniques or measures to assure the security of your information, to protect it against any illegal use, destruction or accidental loss. These are-

  • We provide and share access to user information to its minimum extent as necessary. This will subject to confidentiality related restrictions where they are appropriate and according to anonymous rule.
  • We always use secure online servers for storing the information of our users.
  • We check and verify the identity of each of the individuals, who request to gain access to private information before we grant access to them.
  • We always use the encryption by SSL certificate to protect the transfer of data.

We do not take any responsibility if our users attempt to circumvent any of the privacy settings present on our website.

Registration and Purchase

Registration with our website is mandatory to purchase the templates. With registration, we collect accurate and complete purchase and personal details from you. Each of the registrations is only for the personal use. We do not require any permit for the- Usage of any registered account and related sections present under the name of a buyer Access from a single username of a network or multiple users, where users get the right to prevent unauthorized use

We have the sole right for the acceptance or rejection of your registration and even termination of your registration in case of any reason that seems incorrect as per the Terms of Usage of our website.

Information Disclosure

You are not supposed to disclose any details related to your placed order, download link and order ID etc.