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terms & services

General Information

As users, you must read the terms and conditions carefully. When you use or purchase any particular product or service from our website, it implies that you have already read and accepted our Terms and Conditions.

Modification of Products

We give authority to customers to make certain modifications in their purchases products to meet their purposes followed by their acquired license.


Customers are not allowed to assign, sub-license or transfer products and services to any of the third parties without any written consent from the company.

Unauthorized Usage

Customers, who do not possess the Buyout License, should never place the products either by modifying or without modifying them on a CD, diskette, website or any other medium. Moreover, you have to take a written consent from us before the resale or redistribution of any product you acquire from us.

Technical Support

According to the Technical Support policy of our company, we provide support to our customers for the products and services for about 6 months after the purchase.

However, if any of our clients requires additional help related to product modification or product setup, he or she may use the offers available at Service Center by paying an additional fee.

Third Party Content

Third party content will display on our official website or you may access it via different links from our owned and operated website. We do not take any responsibility for commitment of any mistake, misstatement in the law, omission, defamation, falsehood, pornography, obscenity and profanity in our statements, representations, opinions and other contents displayed on the website. Users of our website must understand that the information or content belonging to third party solely highlight the thoughts of authors only.